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Whether your crafting passion is scrapbooking, woodworking, knitting, sewing or more, there are numerous supplies you can stock up on to pursue your interests and unleash your creativity. At Get Offers Mall, we have a huge selection of tools, supplies, instructional materials and all other accessories that can help you gather everything you need for your next creative endeavor. And with Every Day Low Prices, you're sure to find supplies within your desired budget.

Craft storage solutions

No matter what your hobby is, you're probably going to build up a collection of supplies that requires storage until you use them. From storage cabinets to caddies and from paper holders to desktop organizers, there are numerous solutions that can help you fill all your storage needs.

  • Use a storage cabinet with multiple drawers or small compartments to store all your small supplies and find them easily when needed.
  • If your hobby is sewing, opt for a sewing machine cabinet to work on or to stash your sewing machine when not in use.
  • Desktop caddies resemble small baskets with multiple compartments that can hold craft items such as tape, scissors or thread. They help you keep your working area tidy while being very easy to move from place to place.


A very popular craft for the entire family, scrapbooking allows you to create lasting documentation of the most important events of your life in an artistic manner. Some of the basic supplies you need for scrapbooking include scrapbooks, a choice of papers, paper embellishments, sticky tabs and scissors. Other accessories that you can use when scrapbooking include stamps, stickers, markers and 3D decorations.

Painting and drawing

Express your artistic side by painting and drawing, as this activity is suitable for all ages. You have your choice of paints, pencils, brushes, canvases, and other supplies to suit every level of artistic skill. If you're a beginner, start with watercolors or acrylic paint that are versatile and more forgiving. Those who are more experienced can try their hand at oil painting. If you're looking for a way to obtain reaching intense colors with minimal supplies, opt for pastels, which work well for beginners and experienced artists alike.


It's very rewarding to create a baby cardigan or a blanket for your little one using just yarn and some knitting needles. We have an extensive collection of yarn made from animal fibers, synthetic fibers or plant-based fibers to suit all needs. The seemingly endless choice of yarn, needles and patterns may be overwhelming for novice knitters, as it's important to select supplies that fit your skills and effect you want to create, but we can help. As a beginner, look into yarn that has a greater degree of stretchiness because it makes it easier to knit with. Wool and other animal fibers are perfect for beginners because they have more stretch than synthetic yarn. When it comes to needles, choose from straight needles that work well for beginners, double pointed needles for knitting items such as socks or circular needles for larger projects that are knitted flat.

Beading and jewelry making

Gather the necessary basic tools and supplies to create your own jewelry such as bracelets or necklaces. Essential tools and accessories include wire cutters, various types of pliers, beading cord, memory wire, assorted clasps, beading needles, crimping tools and more. You ll also need a selection of stones such as rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and more. Invest in some pattern books as well to get inspiration for your designs and surprise your loved ones with personalized gifts for special occasions.


If wood is your material of choice when it comes to crafting, you need some essential tools to help you create unique designs. Some of the basic things to look for include chisels, measuring and marking tools, saws, knives and holding tools. You ll also have to choose the best type for your project, with common options including cedar for outdoor furniture and decks, pine for carving projects and hardwoods, such as mahogany or maple, for indoor furniture.


Whether you re an experienced seamstress or tailor or you re just starting to learn to sew, the essential supplies you need to develop your skills. A sewing machine is the most important item to consider. As a beginner, you can use a basic sewing machine with just a couple of features, but if you have more sewing knowledge, you may want a sewing machine with extra features. Other supplies you need include thread, sewing scissors, tape measure, rotary cutter, needles, fabric and sewing patterns.

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