Single-Use Bag Policy

As of May 4, 2022, single-use bags are no longer available in New Jersey Get Offers Mall stores or for pickup and delivery orders.  

Meat, produce and chemicals will continue to arrive in bags. 

In-Store Shopping 

For in-store shopping, please bring your own reusable bags or buy them at checkout. 

New Jersey Bag Ban FAQs for Order

What are single-use carryout bags?

New Jersey defines single-use carryout bag as made of paper or plastic that is not a reusable carryout bag as defined by law.

Why is there a ban on single-use bags in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey passed the regulation in response to the growing problem of plastic pollution. Learn more: NJ Bag Ban 

Will I be charged for reusable cloth bags that my order is delivered in?

To help our customers with the transition to bagless, we are currently providing free reusable bags with all delivery orders. We expect this to change in the near term as our customers become well equipped with reusable bags and totes to receive their orders in – and in line with our commitment to pursue zero waste.  Updates on bag cost and policy will be shared here, so remember to check back in for future updates. 

My town previously enacted a bag ban and my store bagged online orders in paper bags. Why can’t they do that anymore?  

 The stricter New Jersey Bag Ban supersedes all bag laws previously enacted in the state, making its requirements uniform from town to town. Paper bags, along with single-use plastic bags, are banned by this state legislation due to the significant impact on the environment and the substantial amounts of energy, water and chemicals required to manufacture them. NJ Bag Ban 

I order deliveries through Shipt/DoorDash/third-party provider. Why is their policy different?

 All third-party delivery services are developing their own New Jersey Bag Ban guidelines. For Get Offers Mall, compliance and commitment to the environment are equally important components in our efforts to reduce our dependence on single use plastic. 

How do I prepare in case of an unattended/contactless delivery?

Please leave a container at the location of delivery & update the “Delivery instructions” with the information on where to leave the items. This will assist our delivery driver and ensure a safe delivery.  

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